Tangelico, A Play in One Act

Posted on December 4, 2008


Jacob has the space booked. He is certain of it. He has proof, evidence, and memories. Furthermore, there are rules, systems, and procedures designed to resolve this very kind of conflict. Unfortunately, Jenna and Samantha won’t leave him alone, won’t let him get back to doing whatever he was doing — and would be doing — if they hadn’t interrupted him. An absurd, hilarious, and downright silly farce about the creative process, friendship, and memory.

For a PDF copy of the play, Tangelico, A Play In One Act.

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Special thanks to Dave Dawson who gave me the idea of a bare stage and guy in unitard with a stool. I owe the substance of The Cats rant to him as well. He went forward with Tangelico as a Fringe tour when all I had was a name, a few vague ideas, and an even vaguer play description for the festival guides. If not for him, it would never have been written and it is the play that got me writing again. So if you like anything on my blog, be sure to support his shows. See www.blacksheeptheatre.com

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