Ottawa Unbound: An Opportunity In Ottawa Theatre

Posted on October 13, 2009


Back in March 2009, I decided to figure out what’s happening in the Ottawa theatre scene and to determine if there is an opportunity for me to make a meaningful contribution to its success and growth. I think such an opportunity exists.

In Ottawa, there are plenty of talented and dedicated people already working in and around theatre. There is also a committed audience and plenty of potential audience, including younger cohorts.

Crucially, there is also a burgeoning new media scene keen on covering theatre (and the arts generally: check out my blogroll at the bottom of this page). There are even indications that the old guard media will pay attention, if there is real story to cover (for example, click here or click here).

Moreover, the other arts also appear to be flourishing, are also looking to engage with the wider arts community, and there is a palatable sense of excitement and opportunity everywhere. Ottawa’s renaissance is upon us.

So what, if anything, does Ottawa theatre need and how can I contribute to Ottawa’s renaissance?

On my view, Ottawa theatre needs:

1) A business model, a business plan, and money.

2) A company that regularly develops, produces, and promotes a variety of local talent and stories.

3) A company that engages and involves other local art and artists.

My hunch is that a money-making business model can be built around a company that does both 2 and 3. Over the next little while, I will be investigating this hunch and I will keep you posted about what I discover.

Do you have any thoughts about theatre and / or the arts in Ottawa? If you are a reader from another city, do you have any thoughts, ideas, or stories which may be of use to me?

All thoughts warmly received and always appreciated.

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