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Thesis Redux: The Competency of the Majority: Our Best Chance for the Best Society.

January 9, 2012


In July of 2005, I realized I was FUCKED! Capital F, capital U, capital C, capital K, capital E, Capital D, exclamation mark, FUCKED! In six months, my funding would run out and I was expected to submit my PhD thesis. One problem: I had no thesis to submit. Let me be clear: I was […]

A Fine Afternoon, Caught Between History and the Ever Present Future.

January 1, 2012


It was an unusually warm afternoon in late October. My friend had disappeared, following her daughter, who had wandered off, cheerfully exploring. Someone was flying a kite and, as I lay on my back in the grass, I decided that it was very generous of him or her to provide such a wonderful sparkling charm […]

The Conventions of Theatre, the Aesthetic, and Living.

July 3, 2011


In theatre, it seems to me, much of the craft exists to overcome the obstacles created by the conventions of theatre itself. No, we are not in a darkened black box watching a rehearsed performance by one or more actors; we are, we all hope and pretend, somewhere else very different. Even meta-theatrical antics that […]

At The Root of It All: Neither Squares, nor Rocks, nor Pointed Sticks.

May 24, 2011


It is often said that content is king. You should also note that it’s content creators who most often make this claim. In a world with so much content, in a world with so much high-quality content, in a world where people can easily connect to whatever content they deem high-quality, it is difficult for […]

A Mammalian Theory of Truth.

April 11, 2011


I’ve noticed: when people like each other, we tend to call attention to our similarities. “You and I, we’re the same” seems to be the most important and highest compliment and it is closely followed by, “we have the same friends in common.” It occurred to me yesterday that correspondence theories of truth are a […]

Memory’s Legend and The Spoils of Victory.

March 17, 2011


I discovered a false memory a couple of weeks ago. I re-watched Legends of the Fall because I couldn’t quite remember how a key narrative moment fits into the larger story of the film. It is a moment which, for a long time now, has resonated with me and seems congruent with an important moment […]

From Whence Your Poetic Voice And How Has It Evolved?

December 20, 2010


When I examine my writing, it’s clear to me that I developed a poetic voice for three distinct but sometimes related reasons. I wanted to articulate some undefined hunch about myself, others, or the world that I didn’t fully understand. Expressing it in a poetic voice provided a framework that helped me contain and then […]

Bob Is Wrong! You Aren’t Necessarily Going To Have to Serve Somebody!

May 28, 2010


Let me apologize in advance. Philosophy, like the clap, flares up when I least expect it. Question: Is it true, as Bob Dylan claims, that you’re going to have to serve somebody? I’m not sure what Bob means exactly by “to serve somebody” but I will define it as “to comply with the commands or […]

The Philosophical is Personal: Two Streams On And Of Conflict Seeking But Not Finding Level Ground

May 5, 2010


Yesterday, I sat down to write a post on the role of conflict in drama and in life, as I worked on other matters. As the piece evolved, I realized I was working with two distinct streams of thought that are totally unrelated to each other and totally related. I couldn’t figure out how to […]

Housekeeping FYI: Bibliographical Information For My Two Peer-Reviewed and Published Articles

February 4, 2009


“The Fact of Diversity and Reasonable Pluralism,” Journal of Moral Philosophy 6 (2009), 70 – 93. Abstract: Contemporary society involves a number of different persons, groups, and ways of life that are deeply divided and very often opposed on fundamental matters of deep concern. Today, many contemporary philosophers regard this ‘fact of diversity’ as a problem that […]


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