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An Experiment In Cosmology: A Hundred Million Billion Paradises Yet To Come

September 25, 2009


Before there is a beginning, there is nothing. Nothing is boundless and infinite. The impossible can happen. And it did. Creation happened and it filled nothing instantly without any — and in every — direction. Because creation was everywhere, it was aware of itself. It saw in itself beauty and, because it saw beauty, it […]

Two Approaches to Creation: A Way to Make Sense Of (And Hopefully Defeat) Creative Blocks

February 17, 2009


I’ve been fairly productive as of late and, as a result, I’ve been thinking about the creative process. It seems to me there are two different approaches to creation : representational and emergent. By representational, I mean, a creative process whereby a person begins with an idea, a feeling, a story — whatever — and […]

Tangelico, A Play in One Act

December 4, 2008


Jacob has the space booked. He is certain of it. He has proof, evidence, and memories. Furthermore, there are rules, systems, and procedures designed to resolve this very kind of conflict. Unfortunately, Jenna and Samantha won’t leave him alone, won’t let him get back to doing whatever he was doing — and would be doing […]


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