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They Are Women Hear Them Roar: So Long As They Dress, Act, And Consume Like Me

October 7, 2009


I am always perplexed by the fact that the question of what a woman should or should not wear remains a hotly contested battle ground, especially among women. I’ve been struggling to find a way to articulate this confusion and then the quick-witted Adorkeable Thespian tweeted me this very funny Sarah Haskins clip: I enjoyed this […]

With Feminists Like This Who Needs Misogynists: How Not To Contribute To The Women’s Movement (Or Be A Good Parent)

March 24, 2009


Judith Timson today published a Pontius Pilate-like lament for the women’s movement — complete with self-absolving hand-washing. Unwittingly, she duplicates  the very behavior she intends to criticize and is an example of how not to lead or contribute to the women’s movement and how not to be a good parent. I wanted to let it […]

Popping My Cherry At Carleton University: My First Vagina Monologues.

March 9, 2009


The Vagina Monologues was first performed in 1996 and, since then, has become a world-wide phenomenon and the centerpiece of a very impressive charitable organization / event called V-Day. Written by Eve Ensler, and based on a series of interviews with a variety of women, the concept is simple and effective. A number of women perform a […]

Brazil Nuts and the Sexual Politics of Hair Removal

March 4, 2009


I made a curious discovery recently. I’m not sure when but apparently the new male “beauty” standard in porn is to be completely hairless — and I’m not talking about the chest either. I’m talking, penis, sack, and everything else nearby:  smooth as a baby’s bum. Now, I am not a huge consumer of porn […]

The Times They Are A-Changing: Another Moment in the Alt-Beauty / Beauty Narrative

February 26, 2009


I stumbled across because one of my female Facebook friends became a fan of its Facebook group. And it got me a-thinking and a-writing and a-questioning. As always.  In my news feed, the associated image was quite tiny but some of the associated copy is easily read. It is : ” Everywhere you look […]

Sunlight, A Play in One Act

December 6, 2008


Sunlight combines text, improvisation, a dumbshow, and movement in order to craft an original and unexpected response to a reality we face each and everyday: the minute-by-minute choice between a life of distraction and a life of attentiveness. Although it is very much a work of theatre, it can also be described as a kind […]

Paris is Dead, A Play in Three Acts

December 3, 2008


Paris is Dead is by far my best play. In fact, if I ever see it produced properly, it might very well be a “so long and thanks for the fish because my work is done here” moment. There are lots of plays I want to write but this play is the only one I […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma, A Play in One Act

December 2, 2008


Two strangers meet under the most unlikely of circumstances. When Claire and Sarah learn why, against their will, they’ve been brought together, they realize the choice they face is easy, but the dilemma it creates seemingly insurmountable. A contemporary morality play which asks audiences, in an accessible and sometimes lighthearted fashion, to reflect on the […]


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