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A Woman Out Alone: Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily

February 23, 2010


On the Fringe tour, there is a lot of one-person theatre. Economically, it makes sense. With a successful Fringe tour, a single actor can make a decent income from a summer’s work. Moreover, Fringe venues are normally intimate and the space more easily galvanized by a single actor’s performance. The overall Fringe aesthetic also suits the […]

History Keeps Getting Older: Mother Courage Stays The Same Age

January 19, 2010


As an undergraduate, I really liked the idea of Brechtian epic theatre: direct-audience address, narration and song, juxtaposition and contradiction, actors changing character and costume in full view of the audience, simple props and set design, and an emphasis on issues and action rather than character and emotional attachment. The notion of destroying the artifice […]

Night of The Great White Guilt: Take Off, It’s A Beauty Way To Go!

January 10, 2010


Guilt — that is, the feeling of personal culpability — is a curious emotion. It’s a feeling of unpleasantness we experience because we think we did wrong to another. Sometimes, it even motivates us to try and take steps to alleviate the feeling by trying to set right the harm or wrong about which we […]

Channeling the Ghosts Of Christmas Past: The NAC’s First Ever Production of A Christmas Carol

December 14, 2009


Growing up, Christmas for me was a schizophrenic time. On the one hand, there was time-off school, a sudden surge of treats, and plenty of gifts. On the other hand, school was always a welcome refuge from my house and family, screaming-matches were inevitable, and the gifts were always used to coerce. As a result, […]

In the Name Of Myth, Music, and Craft: Lapointe’s Limbes Is More Than Words

December 4, 2009


In the waning years of my short life in the Catholic faith, when my mother could still get me to church through a mixture of economic coercion, emotional manipulation, and outright screaming, she introduced a liturgical concession, which I can only assume was her own invention, in a bid to stem the rising tide of […]

What You Say About Her Company Is What You Say About Society: Today’s Hedda Gabler, A Mean Mean Pride

November 13, 2009


All’s well that ends well and Schaübhne Theatre Company’s revised and updated production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler ends very well. The final moments of this production border on gloriousness. Unfortunately, the 130 minutes that proceed them are nowhere near as satisfying. Overall, this up-dated version of Ibsen comes across like a well-executed soap opera intermittently punctuated […]

The Sleeping Beauty: Beauty Unbound

November 9, 2009


On Friday, November 6th, 2009, I saw my first live ballet: the National Ballet of Canada’s production of The Sleeping Beauty at the National Arts Centre. If this production is representative of what live ballet has to offer, I’ve been missing something wonderful. I attended Friday primarily because I had never seen a live ballet before. […]


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