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The Fear of Vulnerability: Nature or Nurture?

May 19, 2014


This is a very old and common theme, on-stage and off. So, I wonder, is it in our nature to fear vulnerability?

Never Fall in Love With a Writer: Ready for Incarnation

April 10, 2013


The notion that God-the-son became human — that divinity became flesh — is one of the most important doctrines of the Christian faith. At Sunday school, growing up, I don’t recall having any particular fascination with this mystery, which is sometimes characterized as the “word becoming flesh,” but it is with this mystery that I […]

TBD: TBD Is No More!

April 2, 2013


On Wednesday last, Wayne (the director), Jen (the actor), and I (the playwright) met to read through the mostly finished script for “To Be Determined”. It went very well. We all agreed we had a solid script and, with a bit of work, we’d have a decent show. Naturally, as a consequence of this read […]

TBD: Enjoying The Spiral Dive

February 27, 2013


If you haven’t had a chance to check in on the progress of TBD lately, I’m happy to report it’s coming along nicely. I got myself into a bit of a spiral dive for a couple of days, but I managed to pull myself out of it. It was all very exciting! What do I […]

Cheshire and Kat: Stay on Target, Stay on Target!

April 20, 2010


For those of you following along at home, here is Act 3 of Cheshire and Kat: Lovers In A Dangerous Time. To read ACT 3, click here. The fourth act has been a tough slog but the burden of serialization has worked. I’ve made good progress and I managed to carve out the shape of […]

From Ottawa To Phoenix Via Twitter: A Sneak Preview of Act II

March 26, 2010


Consider this your official teaser! On February 11, 2010, Space 55 Theatre Ensemble, in Phoenix, Arizona, premiered an unlikely double feature: the U.S. premiere of Tangelico by Sterling Lynch and the world premiere of A Cube With A View by Mare Biddle. Barely a year before, the two playwrights had not yet known of each […]

Mosaic Moment: A Super-Secret-Bonus-Track

March 15, 2010


Brains are pretty amazing. Last Saturday, I spent the morning and afternoon updating my play, Paris is Dead. I made a lot of changes in the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. I also found a new, illuminating, and crucial event in the final moments of the third act. For some, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure […]


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