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The Burden of The Boot: The Biggest Obstacle To Deep Winter Glam

January 6, 2010


I made a discovery yesterday: I’ve never had a job interview under snowy conditions. As I was putting on my snazzy suit for the interview, it occurred to me: should I bring good shoes or should I not bring good shoes? This question, as far as I can recall, is not one I’ve ever considered […]

Duck, Duck, Purse: Calling A Spade A Spade

July 21, 2009


Every once and a while I make an important and unexpected discovery about myself. Sometimes, it comes in the still dark of a lonely night. Sometimes, it comes in the midst of the warm glow of sunny interaction. How or why these moments come, I don’t know, but come they do; and when they do, […]

What is Your Uniform (Or Your External Archetype)? By Request!

May 15, 2009


The good ol’ PPBP put in a request for a fashion-focussed post and thoughtfully suggested the question: “What is your uniform?” I can’t say no to my biggest fan and she was even crafty enough to launch the request via Twitter, knowing that I am a social media junkie and would be compelled to encourage […]


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