A Portrait In History: Me, My Grandmother, and Colonialism

October 16, 2016



It never occurred to me that colonialism also had a role to play. That isn’t too surprising, I guess. A sickness has to be named before it can be diagnosed.

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My Place In Your History

September 11, 2016



The problem with family legends -- like history -- is that the facts often get in the way of a neat, clean, and simple story.

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My Betrayal: A Short History of My Search History In My Search for My Family’s History

August 7, 2016


Frank Maheux, my great great grandfather

My foolish acceptance of Morton’s false history, however, is not even the most troubling aspect of this short history of my search for my family’s history.

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Seven Shades of Colonialism: Through the Looking Glass of Cultural Genocide

June 30, 2016


My great grandparents, and some of their children.

Here’s the strange thing. My grandmother was an Indian, she presented herself to my class as an Indian, but it never occurred to me that I was an Indian too.

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Me, My Mother, and You: Colonialism’s Bastards

April 24, 2016



It is only the Western colonial obsession with the “racial” purity of blood that cuts off my ties -- our ties -- to a shared history we should all call our own.

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Knight of Cups: A Moving Picture of Now

April 11, 2016



Knight of Cups is at its best, I think, when it focuses instead on crafting a vision of what a life might be like unencumbered by the human all-too-human parts of our brain that insists on turning everything into a story.

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Go home, Philosophy. Evolution has got this.

March 28, 2016


Blue and Brutal

Evolution answers – in broad terms – almost all the fundamental questions of philosophy.

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