A Ghostly Spandrel Puzzles the Will: “Free or Not Free?” Isn’t the Question.

July 2, 2015



The whole notion of free will may be an intellectual spandrel best explained by our intellectual history rather than our biology. Our notion of free will might be as fanciful and unnecessary as the idea of God that spawned it.

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The Geography of You: Where Are Your Borders?

May 27, 2015


Springs eternal.

That feeling of where you begin and end is not set in stone and is open to influence and manipulation from and by stimulus in your environment.

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The Team of Your Brain: All Athletes, No Coach.

April 21, 2015



Your conscious mind is not without influence. There is evidence that it can guide your future behavior, even if it doesn't determine it in the here and now.

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The Politics of Your Brain: Anarchy in the You, ‘kay?

March 30, 2015


A Many Brained Beast

The latest psychological research and neuroscience is much more in line with Nietzsche’s understanding of the mind than the model of the mind you most likely use to make sense of your own day-to-day existence.

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Bigger than Copernicus: The “New” Universe of Your Brain

March 22, 2015


A "New" Universe of the Mind

The conclusions that the scientific community have already reached about the mind, and which are now widely regarded as uncontroversial, I think, will usher in a conceptual revolution on par or bigger than the Copernican revolution.

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Know Thyself: It May Be An Impossible Maxim

March 15, 2015


Know Thyself

Introspection makes us feel more confident about our self-understanding, but it does not necessarily lead to a better or more accurate understanding.

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What Is The Biggest Illusion We All Believe? You Are In Charge.

March 8, 2015


Not In Charge

The reality is that your mind is the product of very many independent brain processes which compete for control of your behavior, and the vast majority of these processes are inaccessible to the conscious part of your brain.

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