Bigger than Copernicus: The “New” Universe of Your Brain

March 22, 2015


A "New" Universe of the Mind

The conclusions that the scientific community have already reached about the mind, and which are now widely regarded as uncontroversial, I think, will usher in a conceptual revolution on par or bigger than the Copernican revolution.

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Know Thyself: It May Be An Impossible Maxim

March 15, 2015


Know Thyself

Introspection makes us feel more confident about our self-understanding, but it does not necessarily lead to a better or more accurate understanding.

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What Is The Biggest Illusion We All Believe? You Are In Charge.

March 8, 2015


Not In Charge

The reality is that your mind is the product of very many independent brain processes which compete for control of your behavior, and the vast majority of these processes are inaccessible to the conscious part of your brain.

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The Right Kind of Writing is Good for You. Bonus: It’s Simple!

February 26, 2015


Writing Is Good For You

There is solid empirical research indicating that the right kind of writing can have a measurable benefit in your life.

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Don’t Be Mean! We Regress to the Mean With or Without Scolding.

February 20, 2015



Before you know it, you’re trying not to jinx yourself with compliments and cursing at yourself like a drill sergeant whenever you make a mistake.

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Know When to Cut and Run: Five Permanent Obstacles to Your Happiness

January 28, 2015


The Happiness Hypothesis

The good news: although you won’t ever become so accustomed to these negative experiences that you will eliminate their negative effects, they aren't like gravity. You have some control over them.

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People Proceed Products: My Business is Your Business.

January 26, 2015


My business card

In practical terms, this means, for the next little while, I will be talking to people, testing ideas, and seeing what sticks with who, how, and, ideally, why.

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