Me, My Mother, and You: Colonialism’s Bastards

April 24, 2016



It is only the Western colonial obsession with the “racial” purity of blood that cuts off my ties -- our ties -- to a shared history we should all call our own.

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Knight of Cups: A Moving Picture of Now

April 11, 2016



Knight of Cups is at its best, I think, when it focuses instead on crafting a vision of what a life might be like unencumbered by the human all-too-human parts of our brain that insists on turning everything into a story.

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Go home, Philosophy. Evolution has got this.

March 28, 2016


Blue and Brutal

Evolution answers – in broad terms – almost all the fundamental questions of philosophy.

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As Insignificant As A Star: The Brief Light of Consciousness

March 13, 2016


Pale Blue Dot

Sagan’s claim about the specialness of humans, however, like all such claims, does not make much sense.

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The All or Nothing Pursuit of Wealth Destroys the Ground of Wealth: Society

March 1, 2016



Live any way you want, we are told, so long as you live exactly the way we want you to live. Pursue wealth before all else. Get rich or die trying.

No Reason, No Cry: Determinism May Be Good For Your Health

February 22, 2016



To put it bluntly, without free will, we must discard any notion of human reason, which presumes we can freely will our way in and out of beliefs or anything else about which we might reason.

We Can Be Heroes: Eat Less Animals or, Ideally, No Animals At All

February 15, 2016



You can actually help save the world and all life as we know it.


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