What should I do with my life? A plausible answer.

Posted on November 26, 2008


Poverty is one of the primary causes of suffering.


1) I will pursue an end which allows me to accumulate wealth and I will transfer some of it to a person living in poverty and/or to a person or organization working to eliminate poverty. The end I pursue will not itself directly contribute to suffering.

2) or, I will pursue an end that contributes directly to the elimination of poverty.

3) or, I will pursue both kinds of end.

If you do not think poverty is a primary cause of suffering, substitute for “poverty” whatever you think is the primary cause of suffering and I will help you pursue your ends whenever I can.

If you substitute something implausible, I am unlikely to help you and, depending on the substitution, I may try to frustrate the pursuit of your ends.

If you pursue an end that causes suffering, I will try, whenever I can, to frustrate the pursuit of your ends.

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