An Important Discovery. October 2008. A Sunday. Nine-ish.

Posted on December 17, 2008


1. Other persons, despite some similarities, are not like me. I am unlikely to make proper sense of a person’s understanding of the world (unexpressed or otherwise), her intentions, or her behavior, if I assume it is always like or identical to my own. It is possible to make sense of another person’s understanding of the world, her intentions, or her behavior but I must do so on terms which make sense to her and those terms may change over time and in different circumstances.

2. If a person acts in an unexpected fashion, given the circumstances as I understand and experience them, I should not immediately assume she has reasoned poorly, has false beliefs, or is being duplicitous. Instead, I should try to understand the circumstances as she understands and experiences them and assess her behavior from that perspective. If, from this light, her behavior is still unexpected, I can then assess whether or not she has reasoned poorly, employed false beliefs, or is being duplicitous.

3. Few other people have made this important discovery or they fail to apply it in day to day life.

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