The Holly Jolly Season of Transit Strike Stupidity Ends.

Posted on February 2, 2009


I can’t help but think — and therefore write — that the only reason the Oc Transpo strike went on for as long as it did, without Federal intervention, is simply because most Federal MPs were not in Ottawa to experience the difficulties.

E.g. “Hey, how come I can’t get a cab?” “Hey, what’s with all this traffic.” “Hey, where’s my Assistant?” “Hey, maybe this IS an inconvenience!” “Hey, we really need to do something about this before I need to catch a cab to the airport again.”

That is, after all, the whole idea behind that wacky no taxation without representation thang. If the people involved in government aren’t affected by the affairs of those they represent, then they will have a tough time doing their job. Call this, a case in point. Ottawa wants in! You can also be damn sure the parties involved in the labor negotiations, and their family members, had cars to drive.

On a slightly more positive note, the government intervention, when it finally did come, in itself demonstrated the need for governments and their interventions. Lo and behold, even otherwise competent adults can get so caught up in a pissing match that their supposedly “private” affair comes to affect the lives of others in an unacceptable fashion and becomes irresolvable without some kind of outside coercive intervention.

Enter government, stage right. Government says, we will make you undergo binding arbitration and, all of a sudden, all parties involved think binding intervention is the only way to go. Nothing has changed, but the threat of intervention. Suddenly, everyone can make nice and set up the terms of binding arbitration simply because they don’t want the Feds to do it for them. If you’ve ever wondered why we need government, this a case which fully demonstrates its necessity .

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