SHOCKING NEWS! New Face, Same Tactics, um, Same Results.

Posted on February 3, 2009


Only the Liberal Party of Canada could help Harper convert his desperate hail mary budget into a touchdown and then let him score two extra points as well.

To recap: the Liberals needed only vote against the budget to become the Government.

And, after due and careful consideration, this is the response so far:

1) They decide to support the budget, with the wimpiest of wimpy conditions — that is, regular up-dates to the House.

2) Only after the fact, they realize that there is an issue in the budget substantial enough that some of their MPs must vote against it (More LAB&NFLD transfer payment nonsense). Don’t they pay people to read this stuff?

3) Not surprisingly, Harper suddenly seems a lot less conciliatory now that Ignatieff and his Liberals not only blinked but bent over and said, “Please and thank you, sir”.

4) Ignatieff announces he will let some of the Liberal caucus vote against the budget but everyone else will vote for it, while saying nasty things about Harper and the budget. Net result: defacto Liberal – Conservative coalition. Not quite Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. More like, Me and my Shadow.

Which begs the obvious questions: why vote for the budget? Doesn’t this all seem a tad familiar? Did any of this work before? Wait a minute isn’t Ignatieff also the guy who supported the latest invasion of Iraq and argued publicly that torture is sometimes justifiable? Why would I give a penny of my money to these clowns?

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