A New Lent For Lapsed Catholics And Anyone Else Who Wants To Play at Home.

Posted on February 25, 2009


So there I was sipping my morning cup of certified organic free trade coffee, feeling pretty good about my very recent ethical consumption choice and perusing the PPBP blog (since she is my source for all things that people might actually enjoy reading), when I discovered today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. It gave me an idea.

Renouncing something for forty days is so, like, the middle ages. So I propose instead a substitution in consumption for forty days. If coffee is your bag, go for the organic fair trade beans. If driving a car is big deal, drive a bike or take public transport. If you like clothes, buy only second-hand (designer labels is OK) or buy only from places you know don’t use sweatshops. Chocolate — fair trade and organic. Don’t renounce, but choose differently. Positive action, rather than puritan inaction.

Here’s an easy and tasty one: I recently discovered organic frozen veggies. Now you may not know this, but frozen vegetables are often more healthy and tastier than fresh because they are allowed to ripen “on the vine” before being picked and flash frozen. Most fresh veggies ripen in trucks on the way to the grocery store — ergo, less nutrients and taste. Even with normal frozen veggies, the difference in taste is noticeable. Well, when it comes to organic frozen vegetables, the difference is substantial. Like yummie yummie love in my tummie different.

So for the next forty days, why not choose organic frozen vegs (or fresh if it is currently available where you live). They are tastier, healthier, and super convenient! You will enjoy it and be making a difference.

I personally will now pledge to drink only Organic and Fair Trade Coffee for (at least) forty days since, as luck would have it, I had my first taste today. I could go with the organic veg but that feels like a cheat since I have already converted. Any other pledges? PPBP? Perhaps, you might buy only second hand clothing? Wayne C? Organic local beer?

Eventually, it occurred to me, this is so totally the message of The Otesha Project. Simple easy choices do make a difference. I’ve been to a couple of their events due to a friend’s involvement in the project and their message must be sinking in. Just the other day I had a totally unplanned ethical shopping spree at the grocery store. I  discovered and am now converted to the organic frozen veg option.  So if you like the general rub of what I am suggesting, check them out.

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