Let My People Go, Part Deux: I Will Let You Help Me But On One Condition: Bend Over Please.

Posted on March 13, 2009


The demands of the auto industry continue to escalate. It really should come as no surprise but the audacity of it all continues to delight and disgust me in a curious way.

Auto industry executives who, through their own mismanagement, have killed the viability of their very own industry are now using that outcome as a way to leverage the government for concessions. How did this situation turn from an industry desperate for aid into an industry dictating demands euphemistically described as needs? Let’s say: political mismanagement and a complacent media. Although some of the coverage is improving thanks to good ol’ self-interest. The light bulb: wait a minute our industry is also suffering huge job losses but we aren’t getting help — what’s up with that !?.

This situation is a classic example of a distinction I taught my first year Intro to Political Philosophy classes classes back in Auckland. These auto executive certainly have “the right” to do what they are doing (trying to exploit the outcomes of their own mismanagement for their own gain), but it certainly isn’t right for them to do it either. I hope our politicians, workers, and citizens are bright enough and courageous enough to see what’s happening and let the industry go down in the flames they themselves let. 

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