Me Seeing You Seeing Me: What Flavor of Blog Do You Prefer?

Posted on July 17, 2009


I have a huge favor to ask.

My regulars know that I tend to jump around between different topics and sometimes even different styles of writing. There is a kind of logic to it (I swear) but it may not always be obvious to all and even my now dominant theme — theatre — is handled in many different ways.

It is worth mentioning, according to almost every social media / blogging expert you will encounter, this is exactly the opposite of what one should do, if one hopes to develop a regular audience. In this respect, don’t do as I do, if a large fan base is your goal.

Recently, I tried a flavor of day-to-day blogging I never tried before and I wonder if or how people enjoyed it. Not surprisingly, this specific curiosity morphed into a more general curiousity about people’s opinion about the whole blog in general.

And that brings us to this post and the favor I want to ask — that is, the questions I want to ask any of my helpful and thoughtful readers. I would be supremely grateful to those of you who are able to take the time to respond to these questions. Feel free to post in the comments section below but, if you prefer email, that is helpful too (

Of course, please write, respond, or comment however you please. The questions are there as a guide rather than a constraint. Although telling me what you like specifically or what you would like to see more of specifically in the blog is much more helpful for me than identifying what you don’t like, I am a big boy and I promise I won’t be offended by any well-intentioned criticism.

Also, hopefully, some of you will see this as opportunity to post a comment for the first time. Please consider the comments section of this post as a place to post any kind of reflection on what has been happening around here, on your own blog, or blogging in general.

Questions to consider:

1) How often do you read this blog? Daily? Whenever I post? When Tweeted? Weekly? Monthly? Now and Again?

2) What is the main reason you read this blog (Yes, “you are my friend” is an acceptable and useful answer if true)?

3) What are three things you like most about this blog?

4) What is something you would like to see more of in this blog?

5) What is it about this blog that makes it distinctive from other blogs you follow?

6) What flavor of blog do you prefer? Please identify the flavor and explain why you prefer it. It needn’t necessarily be a flavor you encounter here (and, yes, be as silly or serious as you want to be).

So that’s it. Any and all thoughts you have will be warmly welcomed and thoroughly digested, I promise you. It will also certainly affect the path ahead. The answers, I suspect, will also be helpful for other bloggers who are thinking about where to take their blog next.

I started this blog as little more than a platform to distribute my writing and it has since morphed into something much more interesting because people took an interest in it and spurred and inspired me into new directions. Let’s keep that ball moving!

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