You Are Invited: Happy Birthday To My Blog!

Posted on November 23, 2009


This Thursday, November 26th, 2009, my blog is one year old! Hurray!

And! I’m going to celebrate this wee milestone! On Thursday, I will post a bunch of blog related data and perhaps some reflections or two! It’s going to be crazy, let me tell you! Birthday data! It doesn’t get any more celebratory than this!

How can you help me celebrate? You can bring the human touch to my alien-robot celebration!

If you read this blog, Thursday is the time to let me know! If you have a favorite post, please let me know! If you have a favorite discussion thread let me know! If you have a favorite anything related to this blog (e.g. favorite unnecessary use of the exclamation mark!), let me know! If nothing else, on Thursday, please take a moment to write, “Happy Birthday Blog!” It will be very much appreciated! Shout outs on your blog will also be greatly appreciated!

I’m also going to be celebrating the milestone live-in-person at a super secret venue TBA. I’m working Thursday evening so the actual live-in-person celebration won’t happen until Sunday, Nov. 29th. If you can read this and can make it, you are invited!

(NB: the only reason the venue is presently super-secret is because I discovered last night that the place I want hold this little soiree is being renovated and may not be available. Hopefully, this will be sorted by Thursday!).

For those of you who can’t make it, you can participate by determining my karaoke set-list for the evening. I will sing whatever three songs receive the most votes Thursday through Sunday (until 6PM). If, due to renovations, the karioke doesn’t happen that night, I will sing the top songs as soon as possible thereafter.

On-line or off, help me celebrate my blog’s birthday on Thursday and / or Sunday! Feel free to use exclamation marks with wild abandon!

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