Happy Birthday Blog: What A Difference A Year Makes!

Posted on November 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Blog!

[cue confetti, balloons, streamers, horns, and party hats. Pop the bubbly!]

One year! What a difference a year makes! It’s a total cliche and yet totally true. In early November of last year, I was probably still unsure if I would bother with this whole blogging thing. Now, I can’t imagine myself ever not blogging!

It all began with this post. It’s a page-turner, let me tell you. It’s my summary of life, living, and how best to live.

It is intended, I suppose, to be the period at the end of my academic philosophy career. It’s also meant as a kind of preface to what would come after. Everything I write, I think, is reducible to what I write here. Trust me, not for the easily bored.

Initially, I set this website up because it allowed me to distribute my writing (and eventually music) without securing the permission of any “gatekeepers.”

When future historians discuss how the internet and social media changed the world, this is what they will discuss: the creation of an almost costless means to disseminate ideas to almost anywhere in the world. If the Gutenberg press was a big deal, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Then, after posting material for a month or so, something else clicked.

I realized the medium afforded the possibility of a different approach to writing and a different kind of writing. This is the post I wrote, trying to make sense of this hunch. I wrote and wrote, with no clear end in sight and when it was done, I hit “publish.”

It’s an important turning point. Slowly but surely this off-the-cuff approach became my modus operandi. If it’s a day for posting, I sit at the computer. I start writing. When it’s done, I publish. It’s made me a much better writer.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t too long after this turning point that I wrote my first fashion post.

And it wasn’t long after that, it seemed I had quite a few people commenting on a regular basis. And then another light bulb went off.

The real beauty of all this is that ideas sometimes bring people together. Sometimes, ideas can be the catalyst for community. Furthermore, the internet, blogging, and social media is creating all kinds of community that would have been impossible — unimaginable — even five years ago. We’ve barely scratched the surface and already so much possibility has been revealed.

For me, when all is said and done, the greatest and most palatable sense of pride I’ve experienced in relation to this blog is when I first noticed people commenting on each other’s blogs who really only could have found each other via this blog.

My diplomas stir in me no sense of achievement. When I see the connections between people I helped happen, I see that and, think, yeah, that’s something that matters.

So that’s my main point: when I say, “happy birthday blog”. I mean, “happy birthday friends”: some old, some new, some known only on-line, some known off and on. All real. Thanks for reading, commenting, and hanging out. It is a pleasure and I’m grateful for your support.

There are a lot of great people who comment on this blog but this is a post about birth, so I want to give some blog-birth related shout-outs!

To the mid-wives, if you will:

First, if it weren’t for Von planting the seed of blogging in my brain and answering some early tech questions, this blog would not exist! Von is not a prolific blogger but he is a great comic artist. Check out his site and buy the book if you can.

Second, it might not be immediately obvious from the early posts because a lot of her encouragement was initially behind the scenes, but Pudding and the Post-Fab Princess was a huge (but shy) supporter from the get-go. She also gets 100% credit for any of the fun that happens around here. She was the inspiration for the fashion posts and the early Gender Studies 101 posts. Her blog is better than awesome and a bag load of fun, wit, and intelligence. Oh and it has a ridiculously cute cat named Pudding.

Third, Many Faces of Wayne was an early supporter and frequent commentator. Our discussions on- and off-line effected and affects what happens around here. He also has a great free-ranging blog and he loves a good comment. His blog is well worth reading and, if it’s worth reading, it’s worth a comment. Join the discussion, it will make him happy.

Now I had planned to post a bunch of page-view data, but I will save that for another post.

If you have any thoughts about this blog, your blog, blogging in general or feel inclined to wish my blog a happy birthday, please do. It will be appreciated!

The super secret location for the off-line celebration is still under renovations so this threatens my original plans, but here’s hoping they fix themselves in time for a merry karaoke-iffic blog birthday bash! Stay tuned! At any rate, keep 9PM-ish Sunday open, if you want to raise a glass to the blog in person.

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