Beauty, Art, Community: What’s Your Three-Word Portrait?

Posted on January 25, 2010


I think I can summarize myself with three words: beauty, art, community.

Here goes:

Beauty breathes through me and I bask in its diffused expansiveness. Beauty is everywhere.

Art is an artifact, a token, and a conduit of beauty. In making art, I make sense of myself. By sharing art, we make sense of each other.

Community is catalyzed by art and art is catalyzed by community. Together, you are beautiful.

So! What’s your three-word portrait?

When I started writing this post, I hadn’t intended it to be so philosophically-poetic. Don’t feel you need to mirror my style (which I seem dangerously close to developing).

Basically, I’m curious to learn what three words people would use to describe themselves and why?

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