An Essential Rule To Blog (And Live) By: Don’t Do As I Do!

Posted on April 28, 2010


One of the aspects I enjoy most about this blog is that the very same people who comment on a poem, a play, or a song often comment on one of my social and political posts or on a theatre review or on a post analyzing social media.

My mind wanders and, thankfully, there are more than a few people who like to wander with me. It’s very much appreciated!

Unfortunately, from a orthodox marketing communications perspective, my approach to blogging is unequivocally wrong. Don’t do as I do! Don’t do as I do!

In sharp contrast to the way I write and post around here, the most successful blogs identify a niche and then regularly produce quality content that fills that niche and that niche alone.

Take a look at the category headings with which I obsessively organize my posts. Each of those categories, at minimum, should be a blog onto itself. Arguably, even those categories are far too broad.

For instance, a blog about designer eye wear is to be preferred to a fashion blog that sometimes features posts about glasses. A blog that only critically discusses sex is to be preferred to a blog that critically discusses sex, love, and friendship. In fact, a blog devoted to one sex-act in particular might even be best. A weekly ode to cunnilingus might go over like dental dambusters!

I call attention to my willful disregard to communications orthodoxy because i) I don’t feel like I’m posting as regularly as I would otherwise like; and ii) I’ve discovered that my new girlfriend — I mean, my new Nexus 1 smartphone — has a great WordPress app.

I think my smart phone can help me address my concerns about infrequent posting because I really like the idea of creating shorter posts, more frequently, and on the fly out there in the world. Basically, I want to see what’s possible — what kind of story I can tell — if I exploit all of the technological possibilities of my mobile phone.

Yes, essentially, I want to blog like a fourteen year old girl. A fourteen year old girl with a mobile phone and an unlimited data plan.

More charitably, I want to try and capture the random, unpolished, and aphoristic feel of my notebooks and try to hold it all together with the overriding narrative of my on-going effort to live artfully. Fear not, I will also try to nail one extended and polished post a week, so we still have something to talk about around here.

On further reflection, maybe I want to blog like a certain twelve year old doctor.

Because this is such a radical shift, I seriously considered creating a new blog. Unfortunately, the Android apps for the other blogging services aren’t up to snuff yet, which is a bit of surprise, given the fact that Google is responsible for Blogger and Android. And I’m not inclined to start another WordPress blog because I’ve already got my vanity URL locked up with this blog.

At any rate, blog friends, consider yourself warned and remember not to do as I do. This blog will always be a random walk though the park of whatever happens to be holding my interest at the moment. A blog lab, if you will! A blogatory! A blogatorium!

Now that you are duly warned, I also want to take this opportunity to pick your brains. Please  vote for your favorite flavor of blog! I will post the results once I close the poll!

P.S. I can’t figure out how to center this poll. If you know how, please let me know. It’s left-alignment is driving me batty!

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