The Genesis of Community. At What Stage Is Your Community?

Posted on February 2, 2011


A person tries to create a new community because s/he feels unwelcome and/or unfulfilled in his or her present community and because s/he isn’t welcomed and/or fulfilled by any other community.

Because new communities rarely have enough resources, a person is welcomed and included in a new community based not on who s/he is but on what s/he can do for the community.

As more and more people are attracted to the new community, relationship management becomes increasingly important until a person’s relationships are more valuable than his or her abilities.

Eventually, a community welcomes and accepts only those new people who are already very much like those people already in the community.

Finally, a stable, monolithic, and unyielding hierarchy and/or group identify dominates the community and those people who are unable or unwilling to conform feel unwelcome and/or unfulfilled.

A community disappears only when its members die, are killed, or lose their sense of attachment to the other members of the community and join another.

At what stage is your community?