From Bunny to Duck and Back Again: My History, Your History, Our History.

Posted on September 29, 2011


Lately, I’ve been thinking about biography.

We are all of us biographers both of ourselves and of others, formally and informally, and we employ a variety of means and media to write the stories of our life and lives.

I’ve also been thinking about the power of perspective.

By a simple switch of focus — sometimes intentional and sometimes not — our understanding of phenomena can change drastically.

I’ve also been thinking about history.

Either our history is a story of slow and steady progress punctuated by temporary moments of uncharacteristic horror or it is a story of slow and steady brutality punctuated by fleeting moments of uncharacteristic civility.

I have one hope.

With a simple switch of focus, perhaps, I / you / we can create a world in which all of our descendants, from every imaginable perspective, can easily and honestly tell a story of progress and civility — even if that story only starts from this or some other not-too-distant future moment.

It is a faint hope but I prefer hope to despair.