Breaking News: I Can’t Drink Coffee Anymore!

Posted on December 18, 2012


Coffee No MoreOk, “can’t” is a bit strong.

It’s not like it gives me cramps or explosive diarrhea. And, technically, the problem is the caffeine and not the coffee itself.

Nevertheless, this is a big change for me.

To put it into context, not too long ago I drank, at least, twenty cups (i.e the unit of measurement and not “servings”) a day – sometimes more.

Now, a cup of tea makes the world kind of fuzzy and my head cloudy. Now, I find it harder to concentrate, after caffeine.

For a long time, I thought the problem was the lack of natural light in my office but, after moving to an office with a heap of natural light, I had to rule out that hypothesis.

So, recently, I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks and the symptoms went away. A couple of attempts to get back on the coffee/tea horse confirmed that, yep, caffeine makes me feel less good, when once it gave me an unmistakable jolt of good feeling.

I’m curious. Has this happened to anyone else? Or maybe your experience of caffeine has always been like this? Let me know!

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