Breaking News: I Now Make My Bed.

Posted on January 29, 2013


MadeAt different points in my life, I’ve been forced to make my bed.

You will note, only compulsion could make me undertake a task that I thought totally irrational. Why make now what will only be unmade later?

Much to my shock, recently, I’ve come to understand the value of a made bed. The reversal in attitude is so profound that I now even make my bed in the precious minutes of morning.

The bed making seed was first planted, I think, when I got in the habit of cleaning my apartment before going on a trip.

“Cleaning up,” another activity mostly motivated by compulsion, always involved making the bed, so I made the bed out of habit. It was the satisfaction of returning home to a clean apartment that, I think, first created positive associations with a made bed.

I’m still not certain why I now like a made bed. Sure, it looks neater, but neatness is no high priority elsewhere in my apartment. I suspect it may be the satisfaction of not messing around with a knot of blanket and sheet right before trying to sleep.

Are you a bed maker? Is it something you do out of habit or do you take some kind of pleasure in it?

Have you picked up any domestic habits recently that you never thought you would?

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