beingI finally figured out what I’m doing around here.

By “here”, I mean this blog and, by extension, my other artistic droppings. Perhaps, by “figured out” I really mean “remembered.”

I’m sounding the tongue.

I’m not sure when I coined the phrase, but it was probably towards the end of my undergrad, when a friend proposed that we produce a chapbook of my poetry. I needed a title and either that’s what I had at hand or that’s what I came up with in the moment.

The phrase means that I make words to measure and test the depths and limits of the language and my own language. I measure and test not for the sake of either language, but for the sake of self-understanding. I share the results only because they might, by chance, be of use to someone else charting a similar course.

Contrary to one of the dominant views in modern philosophy, human being is not reducible to human language. We are much more than the word-making parts of our brains. Language is a tool. By way of it, we can come to understand ourselves. In the vibrations of language, we can find the depth and measure of who we are.

This blog shares my efforts to understand and, perhaps, to determine my becoming.

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