Not in a Position to be a Missionary? You’re Probably F**ked.

Posted on January 19, 2015


ZealHad you been born a hundred years ago, do you think you would have been a missionary? I would have been, I think.

I was a poor kid, by Canadian standards, and bright. I would have wanted an education. The priesthood would have been my only option. My sense of adventure and stubborn zeal would have sent me overseas.

Today, that missionary zeal is an absolute prerequisite for success.

Whatever it is you do, whatever success might look like for you, ultimately, you’re in sales. You’re always on the hunt for someone who will buy whatever it is you’re selling, be it a product, service, belief, value, or ideal.

The best salespeople are missionaries. They are always looking to convert, convert, convert. They believe in what they sell, with a zeal so genuine, so rooted in the absolute conviction of the value they have to offer, it never feels like selling.

Do you have a missionary’s zeal for whatever it is you do? Do you think your product, service, belief, value, or ideal will truly make a monumental difference in another person’s life?

No? Then, you’re probably fucked. Good luck with that.


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