SaveYourBrainBe afraid. Be very afraid.

I’m ninety-nine percent certain that you will recognize yourself in this quote from Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change your Life.

“To the extent to which your daily habits and activities can be performed unthinkingly with minimal effort and little serious attention, you are slowly taking your brain offline — in the long run, permanently. Every moment your brain is offline, you are just a little less alive.

Is a little warning bell of recognition going off somewhere inside of you? It should be. Just about every part of modern life has been designed to let you perform your daily habits and activities “unthinkingly with minimal effort and little serious attention.”

Are you on a treadmill of “same old same old” at work? Are you drifting from one boring and familiar spot to another? Do you zombie-walk through one dull day after another, paying little or no attention to what’s happening around you?

Guess what? Not only are you bored and unhappy, you’re also destroying your brain.

The good news: you can stop, and reverse your brain’s deterioration, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse the damage done.

Follow these three easy tips, to start the fight to save your brain!

  1. Exercise: Your brain is flesh and blood, and it needs a lot of blood to be healthy. Regular cardiovascular exercise makes all the difference. Lose some weight, and save your brain!
  2. Pay Attention: An alert, concentrated, and focused brain is a happy brain, and happy brains change for the better, when they’re directed towards learning.
  3. Learn: Take a new route to work, explore a new part of town, take up a new hobby, study a new language, read a book that challenges your way of thinking. If you challenge yourself in any part of your life, and aim for steady measurable, progress, your brain will be healthier, and reward you with all kinds of good feelings.

If you want the full story of brain plasticity, give Soft-Wired a look. It’s very accessible, and written for the very casual reader.

In the meantime, go for a brisk walk in a part of town that is unfamiliar to you, explore, and keep an eye out for photos to take, whether your have a camera or not. The focus of your eye will keep your brain alert, and paying attention!

Start the fight to save your brain today! Don’t want to fight this battle alone? Maybe I can help.

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