People Proceed Products: My Business is Your Business.

Posted on January 26, 2015


BusinessCardLook, look! I have a business card. I must be in business!

And what might my business be? 

For the time being, I’m in the business of learning what my business will be. To paraphrase, Sartre: people proceed products.

And what does that mean?

I know what matters to me, and I know what my core skills are. My task now is to find a group of people with whom I want to work, and figure out a problem of theirs that I can uniquely solve.

To put it another way, I need to find my target market, identify my value proposition, and learn how to explain it in terms my target audience understands and, ideally, calls their own.

In practical terms, this means, for the next little while, I will be talking to people, testing ideas, and seeing what sticks with who, how, and, ideally, why.

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In the meantime, take a look at my new About page. It should give you a rough idea where I think I am heading — with a heavy emphasis on “think.”

No, not for that reason, but because people proceed products.