HeroesPerhaps, it was an early sign of a nascent megalomania.

As a child, I was not satisfied with the prospect of winning the World Series with one swing of the bat or winning the Super Bowl with one tremendous touchdown run. No, in addition to those childhood fantasies, I often imagined scenarios in which I had to save the world and all life as we know it. Fantasy and sci-fi novels are probably to blame.

Unfortunately, for you and me, my childhood fantasy has come true for all of us. We are now living at a time in human history when the world and all life as we know it is truly at risk. Thanks to climate change, soil erosion, and the destruction of our oceans, our lives have become a disaster movie of epic proportions. Aerosmith could be our minute-by-minute soundtrack.

Fortunately, because the threat to our existence isn’t an asteroid or a planet eating robot, but is, in fact, us, you can actually help save the world and all life as we know it. Conveniently, you can also improve your own health and wellbeing at the same time.

It’s simple. Eat less animals and, ideally, eat no animals at all.

“Yeah, but …, ” I know you will mutter. There are, unfortunately, no “yeah buts …” that outweigh the reality of the disaster that is already well underway. The industries we support by eating animals and their by-products are a major contributing factor to our doom, the vast majority of you who will read these words can live a healthy and happy life without eating animals, and you are sufficiently wealthy to make the choice. At minimum, you can and should substantially reduce the amount of animals you eat on a daily basis.

You have a choice. Either you can look at your personal and individual circumstances as an excuse to do nothing or you can look at your personal and individual circumstances as a springboard for action. Act or don’t act, but know that you are either the problem or the solution. Decide for yourself which role you will play.

And for the infinitesimally tiny minority of you who really have no choice but to eat animals because of health concerns, please support local farmers, who are doing their best to minimize the environmental impact of their farms and the suffering they cause their animals. If you happen to live somewhere it is impossible to eat a healthy diet without eating animals, then, minimize the amount of animals you must eat.

Only we can stop ourselves from destroying ourselves and destroying very many other species along the way. The time for “baby steps” and moderation is long gone. All your “yeah, buts” end with the same conclusion …

Be a hero. Eat less animals or, ideally, no animals at all.




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