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People Proceed Products: My Business is Your Business.

January 26, 2015


In practical terms, this means, for the next little while, I will be talking to people, testing ideas, and seeing what sticks with who, how, and, ideally, why.

Not in a Position to be a Missionary? You’re Probably F**ked.

January 19, 2015


The best salespeople are missionaries. They are always looking to convert, convert, convert.

Be Absurd. If It’s Good Enough for Life, It’s Good Enough For Living.

January 12, 2015


Giving up on the well-trodden path of a salary and security to pursue an untested idea, to fill a hole no one else can see, will almost always elicit the bleating call of the naysayers.

The Surest Path To Failure Is To Be True to Oneself. So Why Am I Smiling So Much?

January 5, 2015


Undoubtedly, some much less rational part of me has decided that this is the right -- nay, the only -- way forward. Dopamine never lies, right?