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Mea culpa: a confession from one of last year’s men

April 8, 2017


I’m thankful I am introvert. Like a beast with its horn, I have torn every idea that has reached out for me.

Go home, Philosophy. Evolution has got this.

March 28, 2016


Evolution answers – in broad terms – almost all the fundamental questions of philosophy.

As Insignificant As A Star: The Brief Light of Consciousness

March 13, 2016


Sagan’s claim about the specialness of humans, however, like all such claims, does not make much sense.

No Reason, No Cry: Determinism May Be Good For Your Health

February 22, 2016


To put it bluntly, without free will, we must discard any notion of human reason, which presumes we can freely will our way in and out of beliefs or anything else about which we might reason.

Between Laissez-Faire and The Rule of Law: What is the Politics of Your Relationship?

August 18, 2014


The aim of this (rather lengthy) post is to propose a framework with which to make sense of and assess the many ways two (or more persons) might arrange and organize their relationship.

Genius is Dead! Long Live Liberal Democracy.

July 28, 2014


Like Nietzsche, I think a well-functioning liberal democracy is the nail in the coffin of genius. Unlike Nietzsche, however, I say good riddance.

La Grande Bellezza: Five Claims Worth Repeating

February 25, 2014


When I first finished Albert Camus’s La Peste, I felt relief. Because it had been written, because it existed, there was nothing I really had to write. If I decided to never write a word again, I could point people to La Peste and all that needed to be done would be done. At the […]