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Righting All Wrongs: There’s No Single Way To Do It.

May 21, 2012


In the face of a wrong, shortcoming, failure, or problem, there really are only three plausible responses. Pretend the wrong doesn’t exist. Address it indirectly. Address it directly. While it’s tempting to claim that, in every instance of wrong, one should always and only respond in one way, in fact, any of the three responses […]

On the Coercions of Our Species: I Say, Tomato; You Say, Hate Crime.

January 30, 2012


All of us, at some point growing up, are coerced by our parents. All parents must coerce their children from time to time, but, from the perspective of the child, the coercion will often seem harmful. All of us will also, at some point, be bullied in our lives and, again, for many of us, […]

The Problem of Evil Revisited: You Are A Loving, Knowing, Powerful Being, So Why Is There Evil?

January 23, 2012


Traditionally, the problem of evil has been a problem for people who believe in a certain kind of God. If God is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful, so the problem goes, why is there evil? There are a variety of reasonable responses to the problem of evil and they all — more or less — undercut […]

Thesis Redux: The Competency of the Majority: Our Best Chance for the Best Society.

January 9, 2012


In July of 2005, I realized I was FUCKED! Capital F, capital U, capital C, capital K, capital E, Capital D, exclamation mark, FUCKED! In six months, my funding would run out and I was expected to submit my PhD thesis. One problem: I had no thesis to submit. Let me be clear: I was […]

A Fine Afternoon, Caught Between History and the Ever Present Future.

January 1, 2012


It was an unusually warm afternoon in late October. My friend had disappeared, following her daughter, who had wandered off, cheerfully exploring. Someone was flying a kite and, as I lay on my back in the grass, I decided that it was very generous of him or her to provide such a wonderful sparkling charm […]

The Conventions of Theatre, the Aesthetic, and Living.

July 3, 2011


In theatre, it seems to me, much of the craft exists to overcome the obstacles created by the conventions of theatre itself. No, we are not in a darkened black box watching a rehearsed performance by one or more actors; we are, we all hope and pretend, somewhere else very different. Even meta-theatrical antics that […]

At The Root of It All: Neither Squares, nor Rocks, nor Pointed Sticks.

May 24, 2011


It is often said that content is king. You should also note that it’s content creators who most often make this claim. In a world with so much content, in a world with so much high-quality content, in a world where people can easily connect to whatever content they deem high-quality, it is difficult for […]


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