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The Call of Duty: Your Heart May Call, the Beloved Isn’t Obliged To Answer.

February 3, 2014


My feelings for a person don’t create any duties, responsibilities, or obligations for that person.

The Relationship Calculation: What Motivates Your Pair-Bond?

January 27, 2014


For most of human history, a pair-bond between humans has almost always been a kind of business deal, whether the deal was struck by two families on behalf of the prospective business partners or by the partners themselves. In this model, the pair-bond is normally expected to be created by the agreement to share the […]

Ain’t Nothing but Mammals: Do the Reasons for Attachment Matter?

January 20, 2014


A friend recently made the point to me that a woman’s decision to go home with a man on any given night might be something that simply happens, without explanation, and for no particular reason. I’ve been trying to figure out why I find the plausibility of this claim unsettling. On the face of it, […]

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn: Be Bad for Business

September 25, 2013


For the first time ever, the most viewed post on my blog is not my “About” page. Instead, it is this post, which I wrote to let people know that I had started a new relationship — the blog equivalent of changing my relationship status on Facebook. Looking at it now, three years later, it […]

The Rabbit and the Tiger: A Short Story (For Tony and Terry’s Wedding)

November 5, 2012


Once upon a time, a Tiger and a Rabbit fell in love. “Rabbit, I love you so much,” said Tiger. “I want to eat you up whole, so you will always be a part of me.” “Tiger, I love you so much,” said Rabbit. “ I want you to chase me forever, so I will […]

To Be or Not To Be: What Does “Parent” Mean To You?

December 28, 2011


Recently, a friend asked me, “why don’t you want to be a parent?” It’s been a long time since anyone asked me that question, and my first response didn’t seem right. So, I thought about it some more. Fortunately, some time earlier, the same friend had asked me to define what I meant by “parent.” […]

Philia v. Eros: What (How Deep) is Your Love?

November 5, 2011


For all women, there is at least one person she is meant to love with all her heart and not to desire sexually. For all men, there is at least one person he is meant to love with all his heart and not to desire sexually. Depending on a person’s sexuality, it will either be […]