From Ottawa To Phoenix Via Twitter: A Sneak Preview of Act II

Consider this your official teaser!

On February 11, 2010, Space 55 Theatre Ensemble, in Phoenix, Arizona, premiered an unlikely double feature: the U.S. premiere of Tangelico by Sterling Lynch and the world premiere of A Cube With A View by Mare Biddle.

Barely a year before, the two playwrights had not yet known of each other’s existence.

Thanks to social media, they met, shared their work, and became friends.

Eventually, Mare introduced Tangelico to Space 55 and wrote A Cube With A View as a companion piece to it. As a result, Sterling and Mare’s unlikely double feature was born.

This book captures a single frame in the story of their open-ended, late night, double feature picture show.

Sneak a peek:
Social Media Set The Stage: Tangelico and A Cube With A View

Much respect to Von Allan for the excellent cover design! Not only do I have a great cover for my first book as a publisher but, for the first time in a long while, I have an image I want to put on my wall.

Check out his site and buy his excellent — and very well reviewed — graphic novel right here.

His graphic novel played a key role in this social media story. Mare and I first connected on Twitter thanks to our mutual respect of Von and our shared admiration of his book.

And many thanks to Mare, the author behind this very cool social media story.