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Knight of Cups: A Moving Picture of Now

April 11, 2016


Knight of Cups is at its best, I think, when it focuses instead on crafting a vision of what a life might be like unencumbered by the human all-too-human parts of our brain that insists on turning everything into a story.

A Slow Bloom Rising: Towards The Possible.

July 8, 2011


In December 2009, thanks to the GCTC, I participated in an incredibly valuable Viewpoints masterclass given by Michael Greyeyes. Michael is an excellent teacher, everyone who attended the workshop was fully engaged with the process, and the Viewpoints technique is a powerful framework with which to make sense of the creative process. For me, the […]

A Look Again for the Play In It.

June 29, 2011


True story: when I was in my teens, I thought I’d pretty quickly end up married with children and living a more or less conventional 9 – 5 lifestyle. My older brother, you see, was the artist. He painted alone in his room, slept in, and wore paint splattered jeans. He’s now married with children […]

Beauty, Art, Community: What’s Your Three-Word Portrait?

January 25, 2010


I think I can summarize myself with three words: beauty, art, community. Here goes: Beauty breathes through me and I bask in its diffused expansiveness. Beauty is everywhere. Art is an artifact, a token, and a conduit of beauty. In making art, I make sense of myself. By sharing art, we make sense of each […]

Art and Society’s Change

November 26, 2008


To characterize the affects and effects of persons as the affects and effects of art is an old and easy error that distracts persons from some basic facts: a person or persons, employing a variety of tools, sometimes can predictably affect their environment; a tool is a tool only because persons use it to affect […]