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Epilogue / Prologue

November 26, 2013


If my blog were a novel, I would have ended it with my last post. That post is the perfect period to the run-on sentence of the last 5 years. It also nicely parallels the end of my novella. I might rewrite my blog as a novel someday, but a blog is not a novel, […]

An Essential Rule To Blog (And Live) By: Don’t Do As I Do!

April 28, 2010


One of the aspects I enjoy most about this blog is that the very same people who comment on a poem, a play, or a song often comment on one of my social and political posts or on a theatre review or on a post analyzing social media. My mind wanders and, thankfully, there are […]

Ottawa To Phoenix And Back Again: Transpose, Transform, Transmute.

March 2, 2010


Holden Caulfield knows he likes a book when he’s done reading it and wishes he could call the author and talk. Mare Biddle is the the kind of reader you hope  will call and talk after she’s read your work. Or tweet you. Or email. Or pick you up at the hotel each morning for […]

A Year’s Worth of Blog Data In Review: When People Like Your Words, They Want To Know About You

December 2, 2009


I’m sharing my traffic numbers for the past year because it could be useful to my fellow bloggers. It will provide a benchmark with which you can compare your own traffic. There is also, at least, one important insight I draw from my numbers which should be useful to you. Read on! Here is as […]

Yet Another Flavor of Blog: Writing For Mass Appeal

August 26, 2009


A day or two before the Gmen headed west, we received good news. The Managing Editor of Metro (Edmonton) had taken an interest in our publicity material and invited me to blog my Edmonton Fringe experience for Metro. As it turns out, Harry, the Managing Editor, is an old high school friend. He recognized Dave’s […]

Why Blog? For The Community, Of Course.

May 25, 2009


A writer might be reluctant to start or maintain a blog because it may seem like she is providing a service for free. She creates content and her readers consume it, giving nothing in return. Why should she provide a free lunch when she has better things to do? While it is fair for a […]


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