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Another utterly mundane conclusion: my place in our history

November 18, 2017


Membership in a community isn’t determined by the feelings one has for it. It is determined by the relationships one forms and maintains.

In the mirror of history: a reflection of colonialism

January 28, 2017


It’s fitting, I think, that I came to understand the true nature of my colonized identity through a history of the United States.

Why I Love Social Media: Translating the printemps érable.

May 28, 2012


I will admit it. The Quebec student protests never really resonated with me. Despite my liberal democratic ideals, despite my support for a fully accessible public education system, and despite my conviction that public protest is an essential component of a healthy democracy, I didn’t instinctively find any common cause or sense of purpose with […]

Multiculturalism, The Redux (Kenney’s Director’s Cut): It Isn’t Broken, Time To Fix It

March 31, 2009


Jason Kenney, our present Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism, wants to reinvent Canadian multiculturalism. For some fawning National Post coverage, click here. This should comes as no surprise really, since both Mr. Harper and Mr. Kenney began their political careers in the Reform Party of Canada which had as one of its founding principles the goal of abolishing […]