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I Like My Media Like I Like My Chaps: Social!

April 12, 2012


When I first got onboard social media in a serious way, back in November of 2008, I thought the expression “social media” was stupid. Media, in this sense of the word, are always, by definition, social, if by “social” you mean something like “involving more than one person.” To transmit information, at least two people need […]

Fear of a Bubble Wrap Society and the Inevitability of Social Homogeneity.

February 17, 2011


A society akin to bubble wrap. I first employed this metaphor, when I was reflecting upon and writing about my experience of living in New Zealand. In New Zealand, it seemed to me at the time, there was a tendency to create homogeneous and mutually indifferent social groups. I thought it a consequence of New […]

The Status Quo: The Walls Between Us And A Reason To Gamble.

February 7, 2011


For many people, the status quo is very valuable. They will discount greatly any future benefit that may come from its disruption, even when the benefit to them is certain. The creation of community, however valuable, is disruptive. It requires new habits, new relationships, and a new sense of identity. Because of the great value […]

The Path To Increased Wealth and Power: What Path Did You Take?

February 4, 2011


We are, each of us, born into a community that controls a certain quantity of resources, which are distributed in accordance with the community’s internal rules and criteria. If a person wants to increase her wealth or power, there seems to be only three paths. First, she can learn and then play by the rules […]

The Genesis of Community. At What Stage Is Your Community?

February 2, 2011


A person tries to create a new community because s/he feels unwelcome and/or unfulfilled in his or her present community and because s/he isn’t welcomed and/or fulfilled by any other community. Because new communities rarely have enough resources, a person is welcomed and included in a new community based not on who s/he is but […]

Beauty, Art, Community: What’s Your Three-Word Portrait?

January 25, 2010


I think I can summarize myself with three words: beauty, art, community. Here goes: Beauty breathes through me and I bask in its diffused expansiveness. Beauty is everywhere. Art is an artifact, a token, and a conduit of beauty. In making art, I make sense of myself. By sharing art, we make sense of each […]

Happy Birthday Blog: What A Difference A Year Makes!

November 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Blog! [cue confetti, balloons, streamers, horns, and party hats. Pop the bubbly!] One year! What a difference a year makes! It’s a total cliche and yet totally true. In early November of last year, I was probably still unsure if I would bother with this whole blogging thing. Now, I can’t imagine myself […]