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TBD: An Emergent Property

January 16, 2013


For the record, TBD isn’t the first time I agreed to write a play from scratch for the Ottawa Fringe. Back in February 2007, having just returned from Ottawa, Dave Dawson asked me to write something for his upcoming Fringe tour, which started in Ottawa. At the time, I had pretty much sworn off writing […]

The Really Long and Winding Road Home: The Final (?) Gmen Photo Gallery

August 28, 2009


Last show finished, great crowd, jump for joy! Last show, great crowd, jump for joy 2! One last item to pack. Head east, goodbye west. Random road side break (or, is that a corpse?). Ray at rest with Eric. The Thunder Bay Hostel Basketball Diaries (Or, watch me suck in three easy steps). 1) Jump: […]

Even More Gmen Photos: Edmonton

August 23, 2009


Two Sold Out Shows Deserve Ice Cream (With Ophelia). Coveted Sold Out Stickers. Half-Time At The Edmonton Fringe Soccer Throw Down. Second Half Action. Handcrafted Precision. Chilling, Besharah-Stylz. Three Sold Out Stickers! 104 St & 82 Ave. For more posts like this, click here.

Fourteen Short Free-Associations About The Edmonton Fringe

August 18, 2009


104th Street and 82nd Ave. Edmonton. A clear wordless mind. I want to write, instead I watch the world go by. Amy arrives. We discover we are both Virgo. She has a friend and she doesn’t want to jinx it. I tell her, “Somethings are possible only if you open yourself to the possibility of […]

A Road Well Traveled: From Saskatoon To Edmonton (GMEN Photo Gallery, Part 3)

August 14, 2009


The night before the spoof, Chris and Berkeley invite us to dinner with the Squid Kids. Yum! The delicious eats provided by the hosts. Getting primed for the spoof night. The Squids spoof the G-Men. Gmen Spoof: Zachary and the Story Telling Stoned. Peter, the crass intoxicated bear, and the fringe forest animals. Go west, […]

From Saskatoon To Edmonton: A Tale Of Two Fringes

August 11, 2009


Edmonton. Day Three. The five hour drive passed easily. It has been a long time since I have gone a long distance in one go; so it was easy to savour the poetry of the wondering skyline. We had a wide blue sky and long long rail-straight lengths of highway. It was the kind of […]

Saskatoon Fringe 2009: The Breath of Community

August 7, 2009


How does one write community? Writing, of course, can be a catalyst for community, but how does one communicate community through words. Words can only create a mosaic, a mosaic that is never seen from sufficient distant and, without that distance, the whole picture is never fully realized. The performers of the Saskatoon Fringe are […]


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