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What Is The Biggest Illusion We All Believe? You Are In Charge.

March 8, 2015


The reality is that your mind is the product of very many independent brain processes which compete for control of your behavior, and the vast majority of these processes are inaccessible to the conscious part of your brain.

Between Laissez-Faire and The Rule of Law: What is the Politics of Your Relationship?

August 18, 2014


The aim of this (rather lengthy) post is to propose a framework with which to make sense of and assess the many ways two (or more persons) might arrange and organize their relationship.

Righting All Wrongs: There’s No Single Way To Do It.

May 21, 2012


In the face of a wrong, shortcoming, failure, or problem, there really are only three plausible responses. Pretend the wrong doesn’t exist. Address it indirectly. Address it directly. While it’s tempting to claim that, in every instance of wrong, one should always and only respond in one way, in fact, any of the three responses […]

A Mammalian Theory of Truth.

April 11, 2011


I’ve noticed: when people like each other, we tend to call attention to our similarities. “You and I, we’re the same” seems to be the most important and highest compliment and it is closely followed by, “we have the same friends in common.” It occurred to me yesterday that correspondence theories of truth are a […]

Bob Is Wrong! You Aren’t Necessarily Going To Have to Serve Somebody!

May 28, 2010


Let me apologize in advance. Philosophy, like the clap, flares up when I least expect it. Question: Is it true, as Bob Dylan claims, that you’re going to have to serve somebody? I’m not sure what Bob means exactly by “to serve somebody” but I will define it as “to comply with the commands or […]

The Ecstasy of Being’s Lightness: Concerning Milan Kundera, Ludwig Feuerbach, and Weakling Smurf.

February 11, 2009


I am a huge fan of Milan Kundera’s novels and essays. He writes the kind of book that I read straight through in a single sitting and then immediately re-read once I’ve finished. His writing, his ideas, his story-telling — even in translation — move me like no other. On more than one occasion his […]

What should I do with my life? A plausible answer.

November 26, 2008


Poverty is one of the primary causes of suffering. So, 1) I will pursue an end which allows me to accumulate wealth and I will transfer some of it to a person living in poverty and/or to a person or organization working to eliminate poverty. The end I pursue will not itself directly contribute to […]


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