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Thesis Redux: The Competency of the Majority: Our Best Chance for the Best Society.

January 9, 2012


In July of 2005, I realized I was FUCKED! Capital F, capital U, capital C, capital K, capital E, Capital D, exclamation mark, FUCKED! In six months, my funding would run out and I was expected to submit my PhD thesis. One problem: I had no thesis to submit. Let me be clear: I was […]

Let My People Go, Part Deux: I Will Let You Help Me But On One Condition: Bend Over Please.

March 13, 2009


The demands of the auto industry continue to escalate. It really should come as no surprise but the audacity of it all continues to delight and disgust me in a curious way. Auto industry executives who, through their own mismanagement, have killed the viability of their very own industry are now using that outcome as […]

Strange Bedfellows : Fiscal and Social Conservatives

March 1, 2009


Since at least the Eighties there has been a paradoxical political allegiance between two groups of persons in the United States and Canada. I refer to the strange political allegiance between fiscal and social conservatives. The reason that the union between these two kinds of persons is paradoxical is because their political goals are diametrically […]

Obama’s State Of The Nation Address And The Other Guy

February 25, 2009


Tonight, I watched President Obama’s State of the Nation address to a special joint session of Congress on The speech was rock solid — which should come as no surprise. It hit all the right notes, managed to grapple with some policy details, and still managed to be moving — especially by the end. For […]

Ideology Is Not A Four-Letter Word: A Follow-Up

February 6, 2009


In a previous post, I lamented the misuse of the term “ideology” and “ideological” in recent political debate. Click here for the post. After hearing Obama and Jon Stewart both incorrectly employ the word, it finally occurred to me why people are misusing it. People are equating “ideological” with “partisan” which means, according to Merriam-Webster, […]

Why Obama’s Election and Inauguration Is Important to Me (A Canadian)

January 14, 2009


It occurred to me that an American might wonder why Obama’s election and inauguration should mean anything to me, a Canadian. After all, I was not involved in his campaign and almost all of the important policy decisions he faces will have almost no direct effect on my life and well-being. Nevertheless, his election and […]

Ideology is not a four-letter word.

December 10, 2008


In December 2006, I returned to Canada, after living in New Zealand for five years, and was fortunate enough to find work as an Adviser to a Member of Parliament in February 2007. Having all but ignored Canadian politics in my time away, favouring Kiwi politics and political philosophy instead, I was immediately struck by […]


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