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Why “Market Solutions”? Because “acting in accord with the independent judgments of a majority of competent persons” isn’t quite as snappy.

April 6, 2009


With respect to many of society’s problems, challenges and disagreements, I am a great believer in market solutions and, at the same time, I hate the expression, “market solutions.” I hate the expression because it is a very misleading description of the underlying mechanism at work and often obscures what an effective “market solution” actually […]

Happy April Fool’s Day: The Real Joke Happens The Rest Of The Year

April 1, 2009


So, this is April Fool’s Day. And what have you done? Another year over. A new one just begun.  As far as I can tell, there is no genuine consensus on the origin of April’s annual day of pranks. Even so, there is a dominant theme that runs through many of the educated guesses I’ve […]

Multiculturalism, The Redux (Kenney’s Director’s Cut): It Isn’t Broken, Time To Fix It

March 31, 2009


Jason Kenney, our present Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism, wants to reinvent Canadian multiculturalism. For some fawning National Post coverage, click here. This should comes as no surprise really, since both Mr. Harper and Mr. Kenney began their political careers in the Reform Party of Canada which had as one of its founding principles the goal of abolishing […]