Aberrant Hope: Prologue

Genesius was a hate surfer. On his twentieth birthday, he killed his mother and his father. He disembowelled and dismembered them. He spread their remains over the house and garden. He set fire to everything. He watched it burn through the night. The next morning, he set out along the only road he had ever known. It led from the ashes of his childhood. He wanted to find God. He wanted to kill him too.  

Who is Genesius? He came to me in a dream twenty years ago. He lingered. After the dream faded, I remembered only one thing about him: “Genesius was a hate surfer.” I rolled the words over the tongue of my mind, all these years. All these years, I have wondered what they might mean. I held onto those words, all these years, tonguing what they might mean.

A PDF of the complete novella is available here.

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