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There are over eight billion people on the planet and over 197 million active websites on the internet.

If you have read something on this blog that made you want to know a little more about me, please leave a comment or email me a quick note (sterling.lynch at gmail.com). I have nothing to sell. I won’t add you to any lists. I promise.

In the same way that you want to know a little bit more about me, I want to know a little bit more about you. For me, that’s the “social” in social media. That’s why I share my writing on this blog.

I am a descendant of anishinaabekweg and éireannaigh. However, because they both “coupled” with so many other kinds of people, I can’t really claim to be either. And also because of colonialism. Don’t ever underestimate the impact of colonialism on your life and the lives of the people around you.

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I live and work in Toronto, Ont., which is in the “Dish With One Spoon Territory.” 

The Dish With One Spoon is a treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous nations and peoples, Europeans, and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

I have a PhD from the University of Auckland, I am a middle-manager for a not-for-profit, and I have had some modest success writing plays and producing them primarily for Fringe Festivals. I also have a couple of peer-reviewed publications. I’m mostly unremarkable, so I would be very happy to hear from you if you have any remarks about my writing.

Learn how to acknowledge First Peoples and Traditional Territory in Canada.

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